Ethical Chart

Our project upholds ethical values and practices inspired by Fair trade principles of conducting business and community empowerment. Regular on-site visits are part of our collaborative venture to make sure that the following core values are well applied and respected.


  •   Environment: The focus is put on producing eco-friendly products; 
  •   Integrity: To conduct business in an honest and transparent way;
  •  Excellence: A constant strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards in our day to day work and in the goods and services we provide;
  • Understanding: Care, respect, compassion and humanity towards all colleagues and customers; 
  •  Responsibility: Sensitivity towards the respect of the fundamental human rights.

Working Environment:

  •  A no child labor policy is implemented;
  • Platform of women empowerment - working both from home or workshop based on feasibility ;
  • Flexible working hours with no imposed production quotas;
  • Collective savings and insurance programs provided;
  • Provide a clean, friendly, air conditioned, family type working place.

Financial Environment:

  • Fair pricing policy combined with favorable credit conditions that allow for a right salary compensation program for all;
  •  Prepayment policy whereby 50% of the order is payable upfront and the other 50% on confirmation from the export agent that the consignment of goods is now in his hands;
  • Establishing a new type of business relationship based on trust, respect, common interest and sustainability.

Quality of products:

  •  Through the manufacturing of our handmade products, we promote Indian traditional handicrafts;
  • Our fragrances are in compliance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines;
  •  As much as the resource is available, we promote the use of recycled handmade paper.

Environmental commitments:

  • Our unit has received from an Indian government instance an air and sound pollution free certificate;
  • As an eco-friendly company, we make sure that only a limited quantity of waste is produced annually.