About us

On December 26, 2004, a Tsunami swept away the house and dreams of our good Indian friends Subhasish and Devaki, earlier met in Pondicherry the year before. Without any hesitation, we decided to go back to India and spend the following 4 months helping them through this terrible ordeal. To make things worse, Subhasish had just started an incense manufacturing unit which also got swept away along with his equipment and stocks.  

Quickly, we decided to get involved into our friend's new incense venture as a long term means to support them financially. The next fall, a first incense consignment was unloaded at the Halifax port; the Toutnaturel brand and the Canadian venture was born !

Since then, we provide yearly in-situ monitoring in addition to developing new high-quality fragrances calibrated in such a way to please our north American public. In 2007, we have defined our ethical charter, annually revised, which defines our strict ethical governance rules put into practice on a daily basis in the fields of human rights, environment and product quality. More than ever, we have at heart to help these craftsmen in promoting their products through a growing network of distributors, re-sellers and of course, this website.  As of today, more than 9 craftsmen enjoy a more joyful and dignify life because of this project.

It's truly a very beautiful and humanitarian adventure which allows us to live and support the day-to-day lives of these very talented and hearty people. 
Thanks for supporting this commercial humanitarian project who gives these craftsmen, making their traditional incenses, a means of subsistence trustworthy and honest in line with standards and requirements of today's job market. By buying our products, you support a sustainable human and economic development project as well as the protection of our environment.
Jean Morin
Hélène Montreuil